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What to do now now that Gyms are closed

Updated: Mar 22, 2020


2020 started with so much hope. This was the year you committed to working out consistently, and eating healthy. But in the wake of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have all had to reconsider our fitness goals. Due to the seriousness of the virus, local governments and business have adjusted hours of operation and some have even closed completely. Gyms, have not been spared from these mass closures. So what does that mean for the rest of 2020? And how do you stay on course to achieve your fitness goal?

1. Don't Panic

This event has been unprecedented for all of us, so naturally emotions are high, and some of us don't know how to feel. Initially it can feel disheartening to have made so much progress and then have to adjust your fitness routine to something different. While this can make you feel anxious at first, it can actually be a learning opportunity. With gyms closed, more people are exercising from home and outside. That's led to the creation of some very unique workouts. For example, I was able to add intensity to my chest routine using a cooking pot and a stool.

2. Start a home workout Routine

An at home workout routine may not be as load heavy, but that doesn't mean they can't be effective. For home routines I suggest adding resistance bands, or filling up backpacks with books to add weight. Standard exercises like Push-Ups and Squats can increase in difficulty simply by being creative with common household items. Increase the amount of reps and sets you preform to get even more added benefits. If you need ideas of new workouts to add to your routine, check out my video series on Home Workouts.

Depending on how long gyms stay closed, you can forget about heavy training for the time being. Meaning, its highly likely that will all lose some muscle size and strength. You shouldn't worry too much though, because we can quickly regain lost muscle at an accelerated time frame through the process of muscle memory.

3. Master your Nutrition

While gyms are closed its important to remember the other part of living a fit lifestyle. Healthy eating. Now that will all be sending more time at home, you can take this as an opportunity to reassess your diet. Start by determine if you want to gain, loss, or maintain. Based on your goal you may need to be on a caloric surplus or deficit. If you've decided that you want to lose, make sure to be consistent with your home workouts and be mindful not to overeat since you'll be home more often. If your goal is to gain, go through your pantry and fridge and variety you have all the proper foods to support your goal that'll yield the most benefits. I suggest foods high in protein and easy to make like ground turkey. To really get a grip on your nutrition, start tracking the specific amount of macro-nutrients you need. If you need help with this, I offer a science-based algorithm that tracks your specific macro-nutrient requirements based on your goals

4. Follow Health guidelines

Not being able to go to the gym sucks; but getting sick, or putting others at risk to be sick is even worst. This outbreak as impacted all aspects of our society. Therefore its all of our responsibility to do what we can to prevent and mitigate its spread. Especially on communities that are the most at risk. Practice social distancing and keep informed with local news, and follow the guidelines set by the CDC to protect yourself and the people around you.

We will get through these hard times together and become stronger and better equipped to handle them in the future. Until then stay healthy, stay informed, and stay positive. #Uplifted


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